The MAHABHARATA

                                DUSSASANA VADHAM

                                The Killing of Dussasana

Lord Krishna: God of the Hindu Trinity: Pacha-green face,noble Character.

Draupadi: Wife of the five Pandava Princes: Minukku-yellow make-up.

Bhima: Second, most powerful of the Pandava Princes: Pacha-green face-Katti: with the appearance of lion at the Battle of Kurukshetra.

The Singer narrates the story:

The Pandava Princes played a fateful game of dice against their enemies the Kauravas, and after staking their wife, Draupadi, they lost her.

Dussasana comes and seizes Draupadi, dragging her by the hair.When she refuses to do menial work, sweeping the floor, Dussasana tries to disgrace her further by tearing off her sari.Draupadi appeals to Lord Krishna, who mades the Exhausted at last, Dussasana falls unconscious.Draupadi curses the Kauravas, and vows she will leave her covered in the blood of Dussasana. Then Dussasana wakes up and drives the Pandavas into exile in the forest for twelve years.

                        THE BATTLE OF KURUKSHETRA


Returning from exile,the Pandava Princes determine to reclaim their Kingdom from the Kauravas. This results in the Battle of Kurukshetra.In this great battle, Bhima seeks out Dussasana and challenges him t a duel.With the ferocity of a lion, Bhima strikes down Dussasana and kills him.He rips out Dussasana’s heart with his bare hands, gulps down his blood and scatters his entrails. Then with bloodstained hands, Bhima draws his hands through his wife’s hair, fulfilling her vow to be avenged by her husband. Bhima confesses to Lord Krishna that he has killed many Kauravas.Lord Krishna consoles and blesses Bhima, saying that his actions were in accordance with the will of God.



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