So that We Cease to be the sons of the “Dog”?

….. I surrendered to sleep seeking some rest after a strong feeling of nausea that had me teetering on the verge of vomitting induced by the atrocity of what I had witnessed and heard on the screens and radio stations as well as the social media. All over were Lebanese citizens undergoing competitions of insults and accusations of treasons cast recklessly and stupidly at the same time!!….In the love of Lebanon they claimed to do so!!…. Before casting their insults and accusations, they ought to have recalled the Pharaonic, Roman, Greek, Ottoman, French and Israeli colonial armies who carved their existence on the ancient rocks of “Nahr Al-Kalb”. Add to them our fraternal Arab custodians, and the Palestinians and Syrians as well as all kinds of lurking agents. ….The morning held no different news. It was the same band of frenzied pens and bribed journalism accompanied by the cracking whizzes of bullets cheering every time an incandescent politician appeared on TV.

When I finally managed to catch my breath, I thought to myself, “Everyone has treaded the cedar land save for the arab prophet “Muhamad”. Perhaps he avoided to do so on purpose when his “Burak” landed him in the Al-Aqsa Mosque on his way up to the sky. He must have foreseen that these scattered cedars which have for so long worried the  globe need more than the intervention of Muhamad, Issa, Moses, ….Akhnaton, Hammurabi, and Buddha, ….. to meet together. It is, thus, divine intervention that must be pleaded for to bring together “the band of March”. Henceforth, president Birri can lay off his shoulders the anxieties and miseries brought about by the aftermath of such idiocy.

…..Ever since the dawn of history, the people of this land have undermined it as their homeland. Just as the Phoenicians, who were masters of trade and slavery, they have always ripped it into warring city-states.

And when Moussa Al-Sadr came and said, “Lebanon is a terminal nation for its offspring” , they abducted him … just as the jews did to Christ in the old days, and the Arabs to Abd Ennassir. This fact is ironically acknowledged and declared by Golda Meir, and not by the Arab princes and sheiks.

Since then, the country has been reduced to illusions and fragmented dreams, and to pieces that have lost identity and patriotism. Nothing remains save for corruption and trash juxtaposed to the souls of martyrs heading to heaven.

Schisms in religion and life have set the Lebanese apart turning them into rabids seeking tenures and personal gains …. Neither the churches managed to foster tolerance, nor did the mosques succeed in reforming souls…. Accordingly, Christ was crucified as much as these differences count, and Shiiites and Sunnis discorded around Muhamad ever since Siffine and Karbala until they were flabbergasted by current nonconformists, and Daash….

….The Lebanese have cheered for their colonizers, inculding the Israeli’s, who carved in their presence into the rocks of Nahr El-Kalb, and on the flogged flesh of our ancestors and their toil sweat-covered foreheads. This brings to my recollection a painful anecdote worth retelling. On a certain occasion, an Egyptian friend of mine felt overjoyed when I welcomed him saying, “ Welcome, son of the Nile”. However, he answered with a puzzling question, “Why do you call the river you drink from as Nahr El-Kalb (literally translated as The Dog River”?…… Later on, as war augmented in Beirut, the Egyptian guest took to his heels regretting to have ever visited the land of the cedars and the “dog” river! …. When things became calmer, I in turn visited him in Cairo. He welcomed me with a sarcastic joke saying, “Welcome, son of the ‘dog’….. Now that Lebanon is peaceful …. Come to Egypt and drink from the Nile water, perhaps in it would be your awakening.”


A Brief Biography of Dr. Hussein Ali Yatim

     Doctor Hussein Yatim, the president of The Educational Arab Institutes in Lebanon, was graduated from Cairo University with a PhD in History, a bachelor degree in Arabic Language and Literature, and a diploma of Education from Beirut Arab University as well.

     He speaks English and French languages fluently. He is a prominent writer and a contemporary as well as universal content. Furthermore, he was not only dedicated to publishing a collection of writings and lectures, but also issued a series of intellectual, political and literary researches.

       He was credited the Award of Knowledge of the highest rank by a presidential decree, and was chosen as Man of the Year by the US Institute for Public Figures Analysis in 2002.

Moreover, he was a Chairman of Private Schools Syndicate until 1990, a founding member in both the Shiite Supreme Islamic Council and Amal Movement contemporary to Imam Moussa El- Sadr.

      Besides, he was a university professor who had lectured on General History, History of Lebanon and History of Civilizations in both the Lebanese and the Islamic Universities. In addition, he was a member of the Education Committee and the Parliamentary Foreign Affairs, and a member of the parliamentary delegation to the Conference of Mediterranean Parliamentarians in Jordan 1998, and the Island of Malta in 1997.  In 1984, he was assigned as a member in the Supreme Islamic Council to meet Kurt Waldheim, Secretary-General of the United Nations. He was also elected as an MP in the Lebanese Parliament in 1996 representing Beirut. In 1986, he accompanied Amal Movement delegation to the Islamic Conference in Rabat concerning the elucidation of Imam Moussa El-Sadr’s disappearance.

     By the same token, he became an honorary member of the Administrative Board of Jammal Trust Bank, a founding member of the Federation of Educational Institutions in Lebanon, a member of the Jaafari Cultural Foundation, a member at the Forum Religions and Cultures for Development and Dialogue, and a Chairman of the Trustees Board of the Cultural Movement in Lebanon.

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