Article About Kurdistan

We are the Mandaeans Instill uniformity first Sons of Mesopotamia top Mesopotamia our history stretches back thousands of years affect and got affected with the civilizations that have passed on the land of Iraq We are component of unified human they lived among the Iraqi people in peace and safety. we have Our history, our heritage and cultural literature and Mandaean’s language which it is one of the Aramaic languages and we have our sacred book (the great treasure).


the Mandaeans lived and still live in peace in Kurdistan region of Iraq because it is the safety place and the most stable and they live dignity and honor with our Kurdish brothers and sisters and we get our rights as anyone else lives here in this safety country which it loves peaceful the Mandaeans have Thinkers, poets and scientists, include the scientist Abdul-jabar Abdulla and the poetess Lamiaa Abbas Amara and the scientist Abdul-Atheem Alsabti and layla alroomy and and the director Ahlam Saaed who create a book under name: which Is one of the versions of the Ministry of Culture and Youth in the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

Written by Manager of Daik-Alf Organization

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